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Simple Mushroom Risotto

NEW RECIPE ON THE BLOG: Simple Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

When I was a kid, risotto was one of the most time-consuming dishes I could think of. I have many memories of watching rice boil in the pan for what felt like hours, pestering my mother with an incessant stream of “mum, is it ready yet?”; the universal key to annoying a weary parent, triggering the universal repertory of icy stares and brisk orders to get the hell out of the kitchen. Minutes…

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Kate Bush's first Before the Dawn show – live blog ⇝

She’s already played Hounds of Love and Running Up That Hill”.

Salt. Wound. Enough said.

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I was having a perfectly acceptable day.

Then I remembered that Kate Bush’s first tour since 1979 starts tonight, and I don’t have tickets. By which I mean “no tickets for none of 22 dates”, and yes, it’s really a twenty-two you read there.

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Don’t make me read your mind,
you should know me better than that.

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Fleur finally found a place where my kids can’t reach her. Smart kitty.

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Making the Leap, Grant Snider

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Pistachio Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

NEW RECIPE ON THE BLOG: Pistachio Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

Pistachio Buttercream Sandwich Biscuits made with Emma Jane's Bakery's Button Cookie Stamp

Every time I offer my home-baked goods to friends and family, I get insanely worked up about their appearance. Over the years, reassuring people that my treats taste much better than their scruffy look may suggest has become second nature; “Don’t worry”, I often say, “it’s the sweet ugliness of homemade”. A joke that downplays a hard truth: just like Mother Nature (or, more likely, family…

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"If you can’t see the love in my eyes, come a little closer."

Photos via Cat Act 

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And I know that you’re a sucker for anything acoustic.
but when I say let’s keep in touch,
I really mean I wish that you’d grow up.

This is the first song for your mixtape
and it’s short just like your temper
but somewhat golden like the afternoons
we used to spend before you got too cool.

(Nights like this, I wish I could write about the music I grew up to without sounding cheesy. Ah, well. Another life, another time.)

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