You'll never gain weight from a doughnut hole.
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Ho un cookie al cioccolato gigante sulla scrivania e non ho paura di usarlo

L’agognato ultimo giorno di lavoro all’inferno si avvicina a grandi passi, e la mia travagliata job hunt volge sempre più velocemente alla tragicommedia (breve sinopsi: la simpaticissima ma sfigata eroina Lara Croft si accorge che per ogni porta che si chiude si apre un portone, ma per arrivarci deve azzeccare la giusta coreografia di salti e capriole in due secondi netti, per non parlare dei puma assetati di sangue da sterminare lungo la strada).

Amici, conoscenti e colleghi si meravigliano: “Ogni volta che ci incontriamo aspetti un’offerta per un lavoro diverso, com’è possibile?”. Ebbene, miei cari, me lo chiedo anche io. Colloqui su colloqui farciti di “ci piaci molto” e “sulla carta sei la miglior candidata”, eppure il lavoro lo ottiene sempre qualcun altro.

Mi sembra di essere il proverbiale pescatore che ripete a tutti di aver pescato una carpa da trenta chili, che poi diventano quaranta, che poi diventano quarantacinque, eccetera. La differenza è che lui sa di sparare balle, e non si vergogna a farlo. Io sospetto che qualcuno stia cacciando balle a me, e mi vergogno ad ammetterlo.

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Finding a job sucks.

Story of my life over the past four months.

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Fatico a definire la mia giornata lavorativa con una parola che non sia “shitstorm”, ma se proprio devo trovare un lato positivo, vale la pena ricordare che non sto entrando nel panico per una cosa che tre mesi fa mi avrebbe causato un attacco d’ansia potenzialmente fatale.

Ancora un po’ di pazienza, e forse riesco davvero ad uscire indenne dalle prossime quattro settimane. Forse, eh.

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And I’m sorry young man I cannot be your friend
I don’t believe in a fairytale end.
I don’t keep my head up all of the time,
I find it dull when my heart meets my mind.
And I hardly know you I think I can tell
These are the reasons I think that we’re ill.
I hardly know you I think I can tell
These are the reasons I think that I’m ill.

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chiricupa: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers ♥

Oh, man. Thanks, chiricupa, this is so cute.

Five’s a lot, but the timing is spot-on. Never had Self-deprecating Insecure Me needed to hear nice things like this year, and here’s what Positive Encouraging Me would most likely say.

  1. You’re brave. You really are. You took the first really big risk in your life, and there’s no doubt that it was the right thing to do. All the uncertainty you feel today will soon be a memory of the past.
  2. You’re still the lovely, quirky, person you were seven years ago. Don’t let the daily routine of rejections and disappointments drag you down.
  3. You’ve also come a long way since seven years ago. The things you learnt and the hardships you went through changed you for the better, not for worse.
  4. You’ve got a bunch of amazing people in your life, and all act like you completely deserve their love. That has to mean something.
  5. You can write. Never, ever forget it.

I don’t want to invade your inboxes (that’s because I’m really, really shy, too), so feel free to copy the prompt and send it to anyone you like. And that’s my piece of Tumblr love for today, folks.

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My Eastery breakfast at Fleet River Bakery

NEW BLOG POST: My Eastery breakfast at Fleet River Bakery

Fleet River Bakery - Hot Cross Buns

I’m not used to being in Central London on weekdays, so on the rare occasions I am, I get the compelling urge to explore its iconic cafes. My most recent trip to the City happened on a sunny Thursday morning, just a couple of weeks ago; it was the perfect opportunity to visit a place I had long set my eyes on, and enjoy a relaxed breakfast with a welcomed Easter twist (that’s my seasonal posting…

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